Our Mission

We are the bowling program of The Ohio State University. We are committed to excellence both on the lanes and in the classroom. We travel all over the country to compete in the most prestigious collegiate bowling tournaments against the very best competition college bowling has to offer. Our team has grown in success every year, and we look forward to continuing that trend and growing our name and prestige on a country-wide level. Although we are classified as a club team, besides the aspect of scholarship and funding from the school, there is essentially no difference between us and a varsity/NCAA program. We compete in all the same tournaments and likewise are eligible to qualify for sectionals to try to earn a spot to nationals. We receive a small portion of our budget from Ohio State, the rest we are required to fundraise. Also, our club is truly student run. If the students don't like something, they can change it (with advice from the director and coaches)! The Ohio State Bowling experience is a truly unique one, and we hope you'll join us on our journey.